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              Company profile
              Author:    From:    Add Time:2012-04-25 13:15:08   

              Rely on the computing hardware, software and network technique, Tengcon Technology devoted to manufacture industrial automation core products and systems. More than 30 per cent staffs are in Research & Development, so we gets strong ability on product R&D. Tengcon Technology has deep and wide experience on various signal acquisition, especially on electric signal acquisition, so that, our products are very robust on anti-interference and lightning protection.

              Tengcon Technology advanced a Complete Distributed Network control system, in that the control system is constructed via absolutely new theory. It can be applied to construct the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLC (Programmable Controller) and DCS (Distributed Control System).

              We have manufactured more than 100 thousands products in 10 years, and all are used in various industrial plants and agricultural farms. With customer’s continuous testing and our technology improving, Tengcon Technology product are widely accepted by various users for its excellent network communication, architecture, anti-interference ability and wide temperature adaptation.

              Copyright(C)2011 Beijing Tengcon Technology Co.,Ltd. TEL:010-59790086
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